PURINIZE® is unlike any other water purifier on the market. It's 100% non-toxic; utilizes a patented water purification technology that was developed in 1988. Its proprietary formulation of complex mineral salts works through the processes of Reduction-Oxidation (REDOX) and Coagulation-Flocculation (CF) and sterilizes water without the use of harsh chemicals.​ PURINIZE® Water purification solution will treat both Biological and Chemical contaminants in one go...100% Naturally... without losing essential minerals.

When you treat water with PURINIZE you’re doing two things:

(1) Adding minerals which are dissolved and

(2) Displacing soluble contaminants and making them insoluble.

Purinize® causes dissolved impurities to become insoluble by Redox reaction and coagulate (clump) together by CF process. This process will help not only filter your water from chemicals, heavy metals, sediment and volatile organic compounds, but it will also disinfect a large number of bacteria, protozoa and viruses. As a result, you will notice a great improvement in taste compared to other water purification methods, while disinfecting your drinking water even more efficiently.

PURINIZE® will improve the flavor of water because it contains the same minerals that are added to bottled water to “improve taste.”  ​



  1. Dirty water is put into the any household container (steel/Plastic/Clay pot) and add PURINIZE® liquid 1.0 ml per liter of water (ex: 10 ml for 10 liter water).

   2. Shake/stir well & let stand for at least 60 minutes. (Depending on water

       quality, additional drops & wait time may be needed for best purification


   3. Transfer the household container water (PURINIZE® liquid added water) in

       to the top container in which the active carbon filter candle is placed. Water

       will drip through the candle and the fast flow hose connected to the candle

       into the bottom bucket. The PURINIZE® Table Top filter will remove/reduce

       chemicals, heavy metals, sediment and volatile organic compounds, and

       also disinfect a large number of bacteria, protozoa and viruses.

   4. Pure & Safe Water is now ready in the bottom container and making sure

       that the water will not re-contaminate. The water can be used for drinking,

       brushing your teeth, washing your hands/face, washing/cleaning/cooking

       your food, via the tap in the lower bucket.

Table Top.png
Purinize Water Filter-3.png


One of the core values of SMT is ‘affordable’. Therefore we will always strive to work in the most cost-effective way. Considering PURINIZE® 1000ml Bettix bottle can clean up to 1000 liters water, the price per liter is between INR. 1.50 and INR. 3.50, depending on the distribution situation. For more information on our products, or a personal quotation, please contact us @ or

(+91) 80962 19655 

*The 1000 ml Bettix bottle incorporates a secondary dosing chamber, which allows for easy measurement and accurate dosing for various sizes of water storage systems.

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